What if you could let go of the past…

… to be completely present and at peace?

You Are Your Healer - The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self

What if you had a method to do this on an ongoing basis, to heal a wounded perception that hampers your full spiritual potential?

This extraordinary book will show you how. Integrating ancient Vedic wisdom into a practical system of self-discovery, Yol Swan will guide you through an empowering process to understand the nature of your reality and remove a distorted perception that keeps you from experiencing the love and happiness for which you yearn.

It is the result of more than thirty years of experience exploring the mind, psychology, and spirituality. Through her inner work, mystical experiences, studies of yoga philosophy and nondualism, as well as her personal challenges and professional work with clients around the world, she developed a unique method to gain emotional and spiritual freedom and transform life from within.

This spiritual guide is for you if you are a spiritual seeker ready to:

  • Develop self-awareness and openness to be fully present in life.
  • Master the ego-mind that keeps you emotionally stuck in the past.
  • Uncover outdated patterns of perception that cause you suffering.
  • Reclaim your innate power to transform painful experiences.
  • Realize that you are a unique expression of Divine Consciousness: eternal, limitless, and free.

If you consistently follow the Swan Method you will learn from this book, your experience of life will shift spontaneously and you will gain inner peace and a clear spiritual direction to reclaim your true, divine nature!